Ester Kim, Esq

When you are ready to move forward, but need legal assistance or representation to make that move, Attorney Ester Kim is at your service. Ester founded her own law firm in South Bay to serve people with excellent legal services in the areas of Family Law, Divorce, Mediation, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Support, and Paternity.

Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq.

Californians who are caught up in the midst of difficult family matters, such as separation, divorce or paternity issues, turn to the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., for competent legal representation. At this law firm, you receive personal attention, care and advice from an experienced professional dedicated to working hard for her clients. We serve people of all ages, ethnicities and income levels. As part of this effort to provide top quality legal services, we also have a Spanish Speaking staff and are Korean proficient.

Attorney Ester Kim

Attorney Ester Kim gained valuable experience serving as a Judicial Intern for a Commissioner of the Torrance Superior Court, and as a Volunteer Attorney Mediator, before she opened up her own law office in Torrance, CA. Attorney Kim enjoys using her legal skills to assist people during a very difficult time in their lives.

Torrance Attorney

At the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., we understand how Family Law immediately impacts our clients and their minor children. When you work with our Torrance Attorney to resolve contentious family matters, have confidence that we want to provide you with the strength to get past this difficult time, with a successful outcome for those you love. We value the family and work hard to see that the best interests of minor children remain a priority in any agreements.

South Bay Lawyer

Our experienced South Bay Lawyer, Ester Kim, knows how precious your children are to you, and how important it is to reach satisfactory agreements about child custody and support issues. She has helped numerous couples find solutions to child custody and visitation matters, as well as helping clients to create sustainable and amicable parenting plans. Many Family Law matters are resolved out of court through Mediation, a cost-efficient and effective way to manage even contentious issues.

We help clients deal with important family matters, including:

  • Child Custody/Support
  • Visitation
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Adoptions/Step Parenting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Modifications of Agreements
  • Paternity

Los Angeles Attorney

Our client services match or exceed expectations you want from a Los Angeles Attorney. Our experience with Los Angeles and other California courts enhances our services to clients. We are adept at working with clients and others to create new solutions that work for all.

Contact the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., to learn how we can help you manage Family Law concerns and improve family relations. Call us now, at (310) 540-3399.

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