Divorce and Separation are legal ways to address a troubled marriage or domestic partnership. For many people, divorce is a positive move, but even in the best of situations, it is stressful to all involved. The Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., offers legal counseling and representation for divorce or separation decisions. We help troubled couples resolve complex Divorce issues, such as division of assets and property, child custody/support, alimony, visitation and other important elements, so each person can move forward.

Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq.

At the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., we provide quality Family Law services to all who need legal assistance and direction. Our law office focuses on all family matters, including Divorce. We have helped many couples work through complex matters of child care, custody, support, visitation, distribution of marital assets and property rights from the Petition or Response to the Judgment. In addition to counseling clients, we work hard to see that minor children receive the care and attention they deserve.

Attorney Ester Kim

Attorney Ester Kim opened her Torrance, CA, law office to serve Californians who need help with family problems. Under Family Law, people can choose what they want to do with assets, debts and create parenting plans without court interference. Some feel a Divorce is the best solution to their family problems. As a counselor, Ester Kim works closely with her clients, helping them continue to maintain a workable relationship that also benefits minor children that are part of their family unit.

Torrance Divorce Attorney

Divorce not only ends a relationship, it changes lives forever. Children of divorced parents are especially vulnerable, but with care and attention to their best interests, they also can get past this stressful time and move forward again with confidence. Torrance Divorce Attorney Ester Kim has dedicated her law practice to serving the needs of California families. She has the experience, knowledge and legal skills to help couples resolve even the most contentious issues.

South Bay Divorce Lawyer

Mediation is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to Litigation. Our South Bay Divorce Lawyer counsels people and helps them work with others to resolve emotionally charged issues successfully. We help them deal with all the issues that present during a separation or divorce, and afterwards. When modifications to earlier agreements are required, our legal representation helps ease that difficult time for clients.

Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

Our law office is here to provide you with the confidence, support and legal power you need to make important decisions about family matters. For some, the road is bumpy; for others, it is paved. No matter how big or small your legal problem is, we help you find creative and unique solutions that work for you and your loved ones.

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