Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq.

Helping people move forward with their lives is what motivates everyone at the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq. Our goal is to work with clients on a personal basis, learning what is important to them and finding creative and unique solutions to their legal problems. We focus on Family Law and the impact that it has upon our clients and their families.

Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq.

We help people solve all types of family legal matters, from simple to complex, at the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq. The range of client services we offer is includes common as well as unusual cases. We offer legal advice, representation and consultation for important Family Law issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Legal Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Support
  • Paternity
  • Visitation
  • Modifications
  • Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Protective Orders
  • Property Rights

Attorney Ester Kim

Competence, confidence, humility and strength are the core values that Attorney Ester Kim offers to each client her law firm serves. She is dedicated to helping Californians with relationship problems get past difficult times that also affect children and other family members. She has an excellent background in law, strengthened by her 20 years as a Paralegal and her decision to best serve families she by opening her own Family Law practice in Torrance, CA, after she received her J.D.

Torrance Attorney

Providing quality legal services to all people is the goal of Torrance Attorney Ester Kim. In order to help all who need legal assistance, our staff also speaks Spanish, and we are proficient in Korean. No matter what your income level, ethnicity or age group, we can help you resolve family matters. Some people need parenting plans or to settle disagreements about child custody and support. Others are dealing with relocation or visitation issues. We use Mediation as a cost-efficient alternative to litigation, but we are firmly aggressive in court to win the best outcome for our clients.

South Bay Lawyer

Many people seek legal representation from our South Bay Lawyer when they believe that a divorce or separation is the best solution for their Family Law issues. We work closely with clients to help them decide what strategy and outcome is in their best interest, always keeping the welfare of minor children as a top priority. We know how precious your children are, and we want to help them deal with upsetting family matters in the best way possible.

Los Angeles Attorney

Get the Family Law legal representation you need from our Los Angeles Attorney for a divorce, legal separation, support or custody agreements and other family concerns. We offer quality services and personal attention with caring support to help you get past this distressing time of life and move forward.

Contact the Law Office of Ester Kim, Esq., to schedule your first consultation with Attorney Ester Kim, Esq. Call us now, at (310) 540-3399.

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