Child Custody & Support

At the Law Office of Ester Kim, we know that your children are precious to you. Our office provides, effective, compassionate and efficient representation in child support and child custody matters to achieve what is in the best interest of your child and your family. Esq. Ester Kim has dealt with many child custody and child support matters in addition to creating sustainable and amicable parenting plans.

Torrance Child Support Attorney: Ester Kim

When it comes to child support and child custody issues, Ester Kim advises clients of all the options to resolve disputes. As a South Bay child custody lawyer and Torrance child support attorney, she will do a full investigation to determine spousal wages, bonuses and any special needs of the children. The Law Office of Ester Kim prides itself in giving clients individualized attention and aggressive representation along with creative solutions.

Options include mediation, arbitration and litigation. With mediation, a neutral third-party is assigned to help the parties discuss the issues and come to an amicable resolution. We assist clients with preparing for the mediation process and with reviewing the settlement agreement before signing. We also point out any potential future problems with the agreement.

While mediation and arbitration are similar in that they are both alternatives to traditional litigation, there are differences. Arbitration is generally conducted with a panel of multiple arbitrators who take on the role of a judge. Often, the agreement is binding. As with mediation, we provide full legal guidance and support during the full arbitration process.

Los Angeles Child Custody Attorney: Attorney Ester Kim

Child custody issues range from simple to complex. Issues that make child custody complex include parental relocations, cases involving children with special needs, parents in the military and domestic violent issues. Sometimes, complex child custody issues cannot be resolved with mediation or arbitration. If a trial is in your best interests, we are fully prepared to take the case into the courtroom. We also work with experts, such as doctors and child psychologists, to ensure that the best interests of your child are preserved. We have extensive experience throughout the state of California representing clients in both simple and complex child custody cases.

If you have a concern or question about child support or child custody, be sure to contact the Law Firm of Ester Kim. Our practice area is family law, and we are highly knowledgeable of the law and its proceedings.

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